Welcome to Las Palmitas Elementary

It is indeed a pleasure to welcome you to the 2012-13 school year at Las Palmitas Elementary School. Today, the Las Palmitas Staff accepts into our outstretched arms the most precious commodity anyone can receive, our community’s children. We accept this awesome responsibility with humility, vigor, compassion and courage. We pledge to you our passion for the individual security, safety and success of each child. We offer our unfailing desire toserve our students and our community and to give themthe necessary skills to become competent problem solvers and outstanding citizens! What parents value or believe defines what is important to their children. When you value education and believe it is important, so will your children. Our partnership with you in this shared value is critical. Your child’s education is our priority! The Las Palmitas staff, parents, and surrounding community share a common vision. High quality classroom instruction, students who are highly motivated to learn, a warm and nurturing learning environment, and a supportive and encouraging parent community make Las Palmitas Elementary a wonderful place to learn and work.